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Top 5 free applications for managing photos on GNU/Linux

Who does not like to save on your PC or archive images that are getting through day to day? Surely everyone. Also, with number of photos downloaded, either from web or from camera, the number of files grows exponentially. Disk is full, and it becomes difficult to manage. At this point, applications to manage pictures are very helpful.

Any user who has a good collection of images, known to find a picture without aid of an application to manage them can be time consuming. With a good software of this type, we find photos in less time, and even possibility of deciding what photos archived on our record and what to drop.

To have an idea of what we can do with software of this type, we will list 5 free applications that allow us to administer and manage photos on GNU/Linux.


This is an application to import and manage photos on GNU/Linux, specifically for users of KDE desktop environments. With digiKam is possible to organize collections of images by date or by tags. It also allows comment and rate pictures to make searches much easier.

digiKam not only organizes photos, but we can also perform simple edits, and if we extend its functionality, with Kipi (KDE Image Plugin Interface) can do it. Through various plugins, you can export photos and albums to Flickr, Gallery2, optical, or generate KML files for Google Earth, among others.

Among its larger are: support for images in 16 bits/color/pixels ,native support for JPEG 2000, support for notes of manufacturer and IPTC metadata, geolocation photo, quick preview raw and light table to easily compare similar images, among other .

Official Site:


This image organizer, also for GNU/Linux, and users of Gnome desktop environments, is known for providing connectivity to Google Picasa Web Album. In addition to providing a simple interface, but with advanced features.

Supported formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, DNG, RAW, GIF, SVG, PPM, among many others. Allows you to import photos directly from digital camera and also rotate and resize images, and treatment for red eye.

With F-Spot can perform simple edits such as color adjustments: brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature and tint. You can create photo CD by simply selecting multiple pictures and press "Export to CD" in main menu.

Among advanced features offered by posibilisas to transfer files to online storage services like Flickr, Gallery or Original

Official Site:


gThumb is another powerful viewer, image organizer and manager for Gnome desktop environments.

This photo manager allows you to browse your hard drive for images, organize them into categories and display them through a clean, simple interface. Also displays images as a slideshow.

Includes basic editing features like: rotate, resize, color filters, brightness and contrast, among other things. In addition to basic tools such as copy, move, rename, delete or duplicate images, printing, enlarging and converting from one format to another.

gThumb supports following formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, ICO, and XPM.

Official Site:

Shotwell Photo Manager

One application that users will Ubuntu 10.10. An excellent photo manager for Gnome. This application allows you to export images to Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, and others. It also provides simple editing tools and organization.

Among salient features we can name: import photos from any camera supported by gPhoto; organize photos by date, non-destructive editing, edit photos without altering original, self-enhancement of photos with a single click, rotate, mirror pictures and reduce red eye, adjust exposure, saturation, tint and temperature of photos.

Official Site:


An image viewer and organizer for users of KDE desktop environments. While an application with simple functionality, Gwenview enables images, organize, edit your comments as metadata, thumbnail views. It also allows you to manipulate images using plugin Kipi (KDE Image Plugins Interface).

In version 2.4, Gwenview supports following formats: SVG, video support, GIF, JPG, JPEG and many others.

In addition, Gwenview allows file operations like copy, move, delete, rename, Drag'n Drop, among others. It is even possible to display images shared with Windows and give presentations with photos in full screen.

Official Site:
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Digikam is absolutely fabulous. By far the best photo management app for Linux and even when i was still trapped in the Windows world I didn't have anything as good as Digikam.

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