Friday, July 2, 2010

Opera 10.60 RC2 and Wine 1.2-rc5 Available

Were quickly corrected a number of bugs in Opera 10.60 RC1 and developers give us a new version, Opera 10.60 RC2. The report informs following improvements:

Changelog for Opera 1.60 RC2 :
  • Fixed crash on Mac video
  • CORE-30 469 (Inline element breaks layout of inline-blocks )
  • DSK-304 243 (Speed Dial Transparent Not dialogs do show up CORRECTLY)
  • DSK-303 234 (Linux: Improved IME support)
  • DSK-302 021 (PC: Arabic letters are Combined Into Not ligatures)
  • DSK-299 456 (Plugin related crash on exit)
  • DSK-302 412 (Windows XP: WEBM crash)
  • CORE-30 837 (JavaScript / plugin crash on sites like Google Maps)
  • DSK-303 692 (Mac: Fixed crash QuAVlive streaming demo)
  • DSK-304 235 (Linux: Prevent Paste & Go functionality in address bar When Speed Dial dialog is hidden)
Wine 1.2-RC5 has also released with some changes.
Many translation updates.
A lot of bug fixes.

Full list of improvements
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