Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Opera 10.60 RC1 Released

Not much detail has been published Opera 10.60 RC1, meaning that your chances of becoming final release.

Changelog for Opera 10.60 RC1

  • CORE-30 464 (Canvas 2D context's font attribute crashes browser)
  • DSK-303 163 (Plugin related crash)
  • CORE-30 228 (Crash at kinosiska.si)
  • DSK-303 725 (Speed Dial search provider Disabling Is Not Remembered)
  • CORE-30 764 (Freeze at wordofo.com)
  • CORE-30 034 (Web Storage crash)
  • DSK-302 725 (A Document Server breaks with incorrect MIME Multistyle / font switch-writing system)
Linux / FreeBSD
  • DSK-300 238 (Files with non-ascii characters in path do not open When Opera Is Already Running)
  • DSK-304 037 (Opera does Not run Unix with GTK newest version)
  • DSK-304 033 (Improve default selection of CJK fonts)
  • DSK-197 656 (Middle-click in empty window does go to URL on clipboard)
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