Control applications with mouse - EasyStrokes

EasyStrokes is application that we see today. It is an application that will allow us to control almost every aspect of our Linux and their applications with mouse gestures.

To install run on Ubuntu :
sudo apt-get install easystroke

And Arch :
yaourt -S easystroke

Once installed run it and an icon in taskbar, click and give them a window configuration. They go to Preferences tab and click button give 'Gesture Button'. There will shape that want to make button mouse gestures. And they can also choose whether or not to press any key to work. In my case, leave button1, it would come to be left without any key pressed.

Now go to tab 'Actions' will see in picture called 'Applications' have one that says 'Default' will see that lower box is activated and may add an action. Any action on Default aggregate may be used from any of application. They can also add an action that works only on certain application. To do this in box above and click button gives Add Application. You can then add actions that work only on this application.

By the way excuse to burn so fast, I still do not know how to make it look slower.

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