Saturday, June 26, 2010

4 Ways to Install Ubuntu without cd or usb

There are many ways to install ubuntu:
  • Installing Ubuntu from a livecd if you have your CD.
  • Install Ubuntu from USB if you have no CD drive.
But if you have no cd or usb? You can be case for old pcs, maybe have broken cd reader and as an old pc does not boot from usb. For these cases we will see four ways to install ubuntu:
  1. Install with unetbooting
  2. Install from windows
  3. Install from another linux installed
  4. Installing from diskettes, from internet
Install with Unetbooting :

Unetbooting is a program that we already know and that just lets you install linux on a pendrive and it also allows hard disk. The program is easy to use and more or less would be as follows:
  • Download Ubuntu.
  • Download Unetbooting.
  • Install and start unetbooting.
  • In program we choose as a source ISO image of Ubuntu
  • We chose as destination drive where you want to install linux and give it to agree to begin installing
  • Then restart PC and you should have it running.

This option is one of easiest. You unetbooting is both Windows and Linux.

Install ubuntu from windows :

We look to another application in this case: wubi. Wubi you do is install Ubuntu like a Windows application and in same partition without having to partition but drive. You just download wubi, install and run. Then it is a matter of a few simple steps uncomplicated.

It is ideal choice for Linux but it is if you do not otherwise.

install linux From another linux :

It may sound strange but it can happen. Maybe someone has a distribution and does not like or are old and want something newer. We will make use of another application: lubi. Lubi is or what wubi linux to windows ... almost.

Lubi if you can install on other partitions if you will. From this I can not give more info because I do not know but on official website there is much info besides download packages, and even links to a video tutorial on how to use it. Click here to go to official website.

Installing Ubuntu from floppy disks and internet :

Sorry, I lied to them can not install Ubuntu from floppy disks. But if you can do another trick to get it.

First clarify that what if it can be installed from floppy disks and Internet is Debian (distro which was based on Ubuntu). And theory is easy, once you install Debian, use Lubi to install Ubuntu, or better yet if they stay in debian and configure it to taste.

Hope that helps someone solve a problem and revive that old pc in which no one knew how to install Linux.
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