WifiKill: find out who uses wireless and disconnect it! [Android]

Have you always had the desire to hunt out some WiFi devices connected because you ate too much bandwidth and you were surfing the net with difficulty? With WiFiKill now you can do one of the most vile (and fun) that a person who uses the Internet may be subject to: kicked out of the WiFi network! Normally, this is something that is handled through a PC with administrator rights for the Wi-Fi router, but WiFiKill, is here to give you this control.
WiFiKill only works on devices with root permissions enabled!
The application is actually much simpler than you might think. Once installed, you will have the top button OFF that, if touched, will become ON and start scanning devices. The funny thing is that when you drive out a device from the WiFi network, it will not know: on his device will continue to be reported to the active connection but browsing seems so slow enough to have stuck!

If you want to hunt all, press the button ALL which is located on the upper side by the ON/OFF. The application is still young and also has some little option but I'm sure that, over time, become a must-have very complete and appreciated by all Android users.

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