Ubuntu 11.10: how to move the Unity launcher at the bottom of the screen

It is rumored for some time the possibility of make the movable launcher Unity on each side of the screen, but in the meantime that Canonical makes it all official, someone has managed to create a plugin for Compiz that will move the launcher at the bottom of my screen Unity. First, precise This procedure is valid and working only with Unity 3D but can be configured exactly as it is usually configured when Unity is on the left, supporting the autohide property as well and so on.

One of the things that will change after you have made this "hack" is the position of the lens: Will be placed high above the dash.

But there are some bugs:
  • If the Dash is not maximized, you have a problem and aesthetic graphics. So you are "forced" to use maximized if you do not want to have problems.
  • If you use the smaller icons, you'll notice a space between the screen and the launcher. In this case you can solve everything by restarting Unity or the current session.
  • You can not drag icons from the launcher Dash. However, it is still possible to pin applications running from the dash.
Move the launcher of Unity at the bottom

Let us now see how to make the procedure for moving the bottom of the launcher.

Please note: only works on 32 bit systems for the moment!
sudo apt-get install lzma
  • Extract the archive in your home directory should create a folder named "unityshell“
  • From the terminal the following commands:
mkdir -p ~/.compiz-1/plugins
cd ~/unityshell
cp libunityshell.so ~/.compiz-1/plugins/
mkdir /tmp/unityshell
cp *.png /tmp/unityshell/
cd /tmp/unityshell/
chmod 644 *.png
sudo chown root:root *.png
sudo cp *.png /usr/share/unity/4/
  • Leave and come back from the current session and enjoy the launcher moved down.
Restoring Unity to the left of the screen

If you tire of Unity in the bottom of your screen, you can restore everything by typing:
rm ~/.compiz-1/plugins/libunityshell.so

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