Nokia 800: The first Nokia Windows Phone (Pictures)

Unveiled the first images of the Nokia 800: the first Nokia with Windows Phone.

The Nokia 800 will be launched during the next week at an event organized by the Finnish company in London, in fact the beginning of the sanctioning Nokia Windows Phone. In the meantime, however, come at the first preview images of the device, which from an aesthetic reminiscent of the smartphone N9 based on Meego, which also incorporates the three different colors.

Equipped with 3.7-inch display, In fact, the Nokia 800 will be available in the colors black, pink and blue. Baptized with the code name SeaRay, This device represents the first attempt of the European house to restore the fortunes of its smartphone market by embracing the mobile platform from Microsoft. All this, however, at a time rather warm for the entire industry.

According to forecasts, in fact, the Nokia 800 will be available on the market from 15 November, Putting on store shelves next to names such as Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Razr and iPhone 4S, which have long since booked a pitch in the first row in the user preferences. The session of the Christmas buying in technology, therefore, is going to be more alive than ever.


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