Install Ubuntu on a Mac! here's how

Ubuntu is certainly Linux Distribution world's most popular and there are many users who come every day to test it, or better yet install it on your PC. Peculiarities of Ubuntu and many other Linux distributions is also to be able to test without having to install. We can also install Ubuntu even on a PC with another operating system already exists for example if we Windows 7 installed in our PC we can install Ubuntu during installation in which we will show the disk space for the new operating system Linux, Resize the partition where you installed Windows (Without erasing any data) and create a partition where Ubuntu will be installed.
The problem comes if our PC is a iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini and Mac Pro which as we all know can only install Mac OSX operating system.

Here's how install Ubuntu on a Mac.

To install Ubuntu on the MacBook, iMac so we can use rEFIt a Free boot menu which allows us to access to install and boot on other Operating Systems. Operation is very simple bootstrap your Mac OSX and install rEFIt downloading the file .dmg by this page ,Once installed, we create our partition where to install Ubuntu to do this we use the tools Disk Utility from there we create a new partition.

At this point we insert the disk Ubuntu and restart our Mac.
When you restart holding down the button C to start the boot from the CD/DVD and click on Install. Let us note that if we use a MacBook must create a partition Swap otherwise we can not use the "hibernation" And complete the installation. When you restart the dual boot system where we will access Mac OSX or Ubuntu.

The guide is still valid for any other Linux Distribution.

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