Google + ,Google social platform

After many rumors and speculation about what would be the "social network Google" ,Finally we see that the search engine company launched Google + is a social platform that is divided into different services that will talk soon and I'll show some Videos introductory.

It's about creating different "circles" of friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc.. So that we can share some things with people in our work, other family members, deciding who will and who does not share anything.

Hangout is a group video chat where you can communicate with people in your circles, and accepts up to 10 people at a time.

It is a way to find recommended content thanks to the +1 button or shared through Google + ordered this like a feed that will allow us to discover content.

It is a message system to keep in touch with the people in our circle at any time of day. Here I leave the video, I quite liked the concept.

I do not know and really I do not feel right to say that this Google may compete with Facebook ,I think very soon but certainly look good service until now, have to wait and that we can use and see how well they work.

Track | Google +

VirtualBox 4.0.10

It has been updated to vesion 4.0.10, VirtualBox

To install or upgrade Ubuntu can use the deb package for your version:
  • Ubuntu 11.04 (“Natty Narwhal”) i386 | AMD64
  • Ubuntu 10.10 (“Maverick Meerkat”) i386 | AMD64
  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (“Lucid Lynx”) i386 | AMD64
  • Ubuntu 9.10 (“Karmic Koala”) i386 | AMD64
  • Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (“Hardy Heron”) i386 | AMD64

Solve Error “mon0 is on channel -1, but the AP uses channel X”

One of the problems I had when using WiFi security programs as aircrack-ng has been this: mon0 is on channel -1, but the AP uses channel X. (X being the channel that we set our WiFi device).

To fix this you need to download drivers for WiFi devices found in Linux Wireless, Put a couple of patches on these and then install them, replacing those we have today.

Open the terminal to install the applications required to compile the drivers:
sudo apt-get install build-essential
Then download the package with the drivers. The command below Download driver dated 16/06/11 but you can always download the latest version (recommended) from Linux Wireless:
Unzip the downloaded package and apply the patches:
tar -jxf compat-wireless-2011-06-16.tar.bz2
cd compat-wireless-2011-06-16
patch -p1 < mac80211.compat08082009.wl_frag+ack_v1.patch
patch ./net/wireless/chan.c channel-negative-one-maxim.patch
Finally, compile and install the drivers:
make && sudo make install
We only have to reboot to see if the changes have fixed the problem. If not, you can undo the changes by running the command:
sudo make uninstall

Send files to our DropBox from a URL, without downloading to the computer

sideCLOUDload is an interesting service that allows send files to our account of DropBox from an URL ,Without having to download to our computer and then upload it, generating savings of time and bandwidth.

Its use is very simple, as it has many configurations. Simply specify the URL where the file you want to raise, put the mail and password you used in DropBox, and finally the file name and directory where you want to store in your account.

The good news is they also have a bookmarklet that gives them the ability to send a file from anywhere you are, just click on it and paste the URL to begin the transfer.

Link: sideCLOUDload

PCLinuxOS KDE 2011.6 Available

It was launched a new version of a distribution that I've used it for a long time (my time KDE)

This is PCLinux and his new edition 2011.6 for now only in KDE version

You can consult the updated this link.

and can download a LiveCD image by clicking on the button below:


Waiting for Firefox 7

Lately Firefox is talking more than usual, but considering that the third version of the Mozilla Web browser has been-still does-with us for almost three years and that this 2011 have already fallen two plus two new versions that are about to fall, Is well deserved coverage.

Are you looking for media presence in Mozilla with that change in planning versions? It is possible, because developments between them are becoming smaller and smaller ,Without major changes like marked the arrival of Firefox 4. Undoubtedly, Google Chrome has a lot to say this, but that's not the issue now.

Anyway, Firefox 4 was truly a great step forward, only a small Firefox 5, which is what we will see gradually three months in three months. And this year still have no time to Firefox 6 and 7 Why wait for Firefox 7?

Because, despite the progress, Firefox needs a boost in Linux to continue to rely on it as an indisputable part of the majority of GNU/Linux we use, and will not be until version 6 when it begins to tackle the problem, Supposedly ending-the work of its next version.

Because things are worth noting. Does anyone remember one of the novelties of the recently launched Firefox 5? “Better integration into work environments Linux". What do you mean? What do you mean?

[Solution] Restore Unity Bar in Ubuntu 11.04

It turns out that when installing UBUNTU 11.04 and then change the settings of Compiz to display the desktop cube that I like so much, asked me to disable some presets environment Unity

.... To give you accept everything I thought I would see again the cube as in previous versions of Ubuntu, but is this new version still has some com compiz inconsistencies.

That is why if you've had this problem, you toolbars disappear and the window or you will be blocked, the most practical and simple solution is this:

Enable Terminal full screen mode, press: Ctrl+Alt+F2

write your login
Password ...... then:
unity --reset
Now press Ctrl+Alt+F7

And presto ... your bars and your windows recover its functionality .... thank comments, corrections and all they want to express about this problem ...

Add and Remove Software visually on ArchLinux

All users ArchLinux We are accustomed to handling and use of terminal pacman / yaourt. However, it never more to have a graphical interface (GUI) To do such work.

To install the Package Manager for GNOME in ArchLinux:
pacman -S gnome-packagekit gnome-settings-daemon-updates
To run it, find it under the name "Add/Remove Software“.


Gimp + VCS, a new range of possibilities

Gimp is one of the programs I use most. I use it for everything I need, and I still can not use or 30% of its potential. But however good the program, always be improved ,And that is what comes to the added VCS (Version Control System) our favorite image editor. Come and see.

If I am editing images, it is very common after applying any effects or retouch, change his mind and wants to rectify. Doing so is easy thanks to program history. Step by step, layer by layer, filter to filter, I can go back in time to return to a previous point and continue from there.

However this system has a weakness, and the impossibility of creating parallel versions of the same image if you undo previous steps.

Imagine a photograph applied to a distortion, correct the white and then apply a certain effect. If I do it in that order (distortion, white effect) to the pass of "distortion" and continue from there, I have to retrace the steps "white" and "effect". The problem is that many times on account of this, we would get rid steps not why, with what we have to repeat the work, greatly limiting the possibilities and making them spend too much time.

VCS tool solves this problem.

It is a system history that will handle each step in parallel (Nonlinear), like we go back, modify step and continue on that branch, create a new, combined, etc. change.

It is a good added Gimp that gives a lot of versatility to our work, making also save time.

Gimp is one of the most active open source projects in the community ,And it shows. Although it has and has had continuity glitches due to the workload and lack of volunteers this way.

I think Gimp is on the right path, and updates along with extra officers to develop the community (as mentioned VCS) will give us an alternative to Photoshop for a while.

Update to Firefox 5 in Ubuntu 11.04 and openSUSE 11.4

Only recently emerged Firefox 5 ,In fact, many websites we anticipate his coming-publish official download. Today we will see how to upgrade to the latest version of the browser in openSUSE and Ubuntu. And it Firefox is like for many reasons.
There are more reasons, some technical (such as WebKit that it is not the only thing to hold on), but have not come to tell you about that, but how to upgrade to Firefox 5 in Ubuntu 11.04 and openSUSE 11.4.

Why Ubuntu and openSUSE, with the distros out there? Because I was very pleasantly surprised both, since no need to do nothing special. In Ubuntu just update ,No need for PPAs or the like that I read somewhere: at Canonical have an unprecedented gesture and the whole family already enjoys Firefox 5 in the official repositories.

In openSUSE must be enabled repositories of Firefox, Or you should know how (Advance that you are 4 clicks). Once activated the repository does not offer automatic updates to look for Firefox package with YaST and in the tab of versions, choose the appropriate (And make the relevant changes are indicated in the installation, also with a few clicks).

Nice gesture from these two distributions with a banner such as Firefox, Canonical noteworthy for the unusual, The openSUSE great for other reasons (You know which Firefox version of openSUSE with KDE comes with prize). Sure there are more distributions that have done something similar (without going further, Arch Linux, although his case is different), but ...

How to activate the fantastic Grab Handles in Unity

Appeared some months ago that this new method to resize windows, but since we did not notice that at least in our case, namely what happened to this interesting technique. The Grab Handles -formerly known as Love Handles- are available, and you should try ,Because they are cool.

To activate them on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal with Unity will have to apply the magic of Compiz, as explained in Tech Drive-in. This article only adapt the content of the original, so thanks to their original authors for giving this method to activate the Grab Handles.

1. The first thing we do is install ccsm (Compiz Config Settings Manager) if it had installed:
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
2. Launch ccsm and make sure that in paragraph Compatibility with images we have checked the box Png.

3. In section Uncategorized the icon named Unity MT Grab Handles. What if I were not activated.

4. Now click on the icon above to access the properties, allowing us to change the status of so-called Toggle Handles of Disabled to Enabled. In doing so the keys will enable the Great Handles, and in my case (as in the original) will be Ctrl+Alt.

Once selected the combination accept, we went and ... ready to go.

Now you can enjoy this unique and colorful way to resize and moving windows!

KDE SC 4.7 RC1 preparing us for the final version

The developers of this desktop environment announced the availability of KDE SC 4.7 Release Candidate 1, A release candidate that appears after a month the onset of the latest beta.

In KDE SC 4.7 find among other things several improvements to the compositing window manager KWin ,Including OpenGL ES 2.0, But there are improvements in Dolphin.

Another notable feature: KDM already supports GRUB2 options, Which makes it much easier to reboot the system rather than directly to another session of the distro with which we were working but the other system reboot soup we had installed on our machine.

You can More information about KDE SC 4.7 RC1 in announcement and the information page about where you will also find the project source code and packages that are available to access this new version of KDE at any time.

Error prawns to create the package install tar-1.13

I muucho good time trying to solve this problem. since it could not create my installation package saying the blessed library missing tar-1.13

what eventually solved with a simple command
sudo ln -s /bin/tar /bin/tar-1.13
this command makes you think our shrimp that has the right and left vercion continuing task of implementing a package

I hope this will solve both life and fortune

ABC of E. coli, the bacterium that scares the world

It is more common than you think and not always fatal. Strain that caused the alarm is more aggressive.

E. coli (short for Escherichia coli) bacteria is widespread in the world, housed in the intestines of humans and animals. There are many strains of this organism, but not all are as dangerous as the outbreak that occurred in Germany. The more aggressive strains can produce toxins that lead to diseases such as gastroenteritis, characterized by severe cramping and diarrhea. Their strains, including E. coli enterotoxigenic or ETEC, are mainly responsible for intestinal infections on the planet.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that only ETEC causes about 200 million cases of diarrhea each year in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

What kind of 'E. coli' is what caused the alert?

A very aggressive strain, and so far unknown, E. coli 0104:H4. Apparently resulted from a cross between varieties of this agent.

Why is it so dangerous?

Produces a toxin known as Shiga, which can cause serious diseases such as hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which may result in kidney failure and even death.

How is it spread?

Outbreaks such as occurred in Germany are produced when bacteria get into food for human consumption. Beef is often the main source of infection, and can be found in the udders of cows and get milk is not pasteurized. Raw vegetables that have been grown or washed in water contaminated with E. coli or come into contact with feces of infected animals (or natural fertilizers) can also be carriers of the bacteria. It can also be found in drinking water, lakes or swimming pools with sewage, and spread if people do not wash their hands after using the toilet.

Danger strain

May cause massive destruction of red blood cells, which causes hemoglobin is free in the bloodstream.

In passing through the kidneys producing top HUS. Those affected may suffer from chronic kidney damage and even death.

On symptoms

Infection occurred, the discomfort began in the first week, severe abdominal cramps and bloody diarrhea lasting two to five days. May cause mild fever, nausea and vomiting. If you suspect this is the case, call immediately.

What is the risk?

According to the National Institute of Health and Invima, while not identifying the source of the outbreak in Europe can not take special measures to control the country other than the existing ones. However, since the 'E. coli' is transmitted by consuming food contaminated with it, take precautions.

Tip: solving the problem of login to Skype

More than a few days ago had trouble to login to Skype. The problem mostly affects users of Windows. But if you hit you (I had that problem), the solution is simple:
  • Show hidden files in your Home with Control+H
  • Navigate to the folder .Skype
  • Delete the file shared.xml
  • Restart Skype

And presto!

4 reasons not to do the jailbreak to your iPhone, iPad or iPod

I've always been supporter to make the Jailbreak my iPhone and other devices iOS, Because it opens up new possibilities and forget about the limitations that Apple imposes on its users, in fact he had already published a list of 10 reasons to make the Jailbreak for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad which I continue, but I found its counterpart these 4 reasons to not make it Jailbreak to your device.

1- Goodbye stability and security

Jailbreak can give you plenty of options for increasing the functionality of your device but also can cause things to work unexpectedly, as the extensions and add-ons installed, can cause applications to crash. The Jailbreak turns your mobile device into a regular computer in the sense that the solution to a problem is not so simple to solve that now requires some knowledge and effort to solve a problem.

2- You will not get updates iOS as soon as the other users

If you want to always have the Jailbreak on your iPhone and do not want to lose it for a long time each time you update your IOS, then you have to wait a little longer to update. This can be frustrating when there is a big software update with plenty of new features that you want to have or if you really need the latest bug fixes that have come with the new version. So if you have the Jailbreak you must learn to be patient.

3- You'll need to be restored iPhone often

The jailbreak is quite easy to do when it works. But for unexplained reasons, sometimes this process fails and you have to keep repeating the process until it works, so it is very annoying because you have to be doing a complete restoration often, but the real problem comes when you realize that after you restore the amplifier iOS to restore all your music, photos, videos and other things and do all this is a very slow process, so when you do the jailbreak, you must be prepared to lose up to four hours of your time in the event of a problem. This is not something that always happens but it happens frequently.

4- The only good applications can be installed with Jailbreak are extra

If you do not like paying for applications in App Store ,Then you will hate pay for applications Cydia ,Because most of the applications that are worth paying and worst of all, it cost more than they cost in average apliciones of the App Store, some good applications that are only in Cydia and you have to pay for them are: Better Notifications, Better SMS, Better App Switching, Retro Game Emulation and more.

As you can see there many advantages to make the Jailbreak, But there are these disadvantages, so finally you must decide which weigh more for you and which you decide.

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