How To install ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 for Linux

ESET has released a final version of the MacOS X of NOD32 antivirus, and for GNU/Linux is in the process (for now, is currently in beta).

They have released these versions for Mac and Linux in particular to protect Windows computers, as is spreading the use of Linux on netbooks and this leads to that when things are passed from one to another, get virus from Linux to Windows (Linux being immune to these.)

Installation is simple and guided in the style of Windows programs where you choose options.


Download the file:
$ wget
We execute permissions:
$ chmod 764 ueav.i386.en.linux
And finally run the installer and follow the steps:
$ ./ueav.i386.en.linux
I have not stopped to change the settings, I accepted the default coming, but what if I changed was the username and password and I put one of mine.

The program can be found at Applications > System Tools.

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