Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Alpha 1 available

One of those responsible for the development of the known distribution of Canonical, call Kate Stewart, has released official announcement of Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1 ,The first drafts of the "official" we will see throughout the development cycle of this distribution.

The first thing you do in this ad is telling us that these drafts are not aimed at users who need stable systems, but for those who look for the latest news and also those users and developers who want to help detect faults and problems in distribution.

You can find major versions of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Alpha 1 on this website, and announcement You can also find several ISO and torrents additional.

What novelties are in Natty ? Well, as indicated in the official notices version:

  • Several upgraded: The Full list here.
  • Unity: As expected, this is the first time we see the new Ubuntu desktop environment, which they describe as "partially implemented" with a launcher, which was not included in the edition we saw a few days ago and also corrections the Network Manager applet. Still, it continues to provide access by gdm to GNOME experience "classic" Ubuntu for those who prefer to play it "safe."
  • Ubuntu Netbook Edition disappears to "merge" with Ubuntu Desktop Edition makes sense, since both share Unity desktop environment.
  • Kubuntu will not release Alpha 1.
  • In Xubuntu there are some updated packages.
There are some more details, you should also check out the problems that you can have with the graphics and connectivity network and wifi, but if you are of those who want to try everything new as soon as you know. To download and try.

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