New beta of Firefox 4 for mobile

Mozilla has released a new beta of Firefox 4 for mobile devices Nokia N900 and Android 2.1 or higher.

This version has the features of the last release, with news:
  • New interface. It has redesigned the interface of the browser, from dark black to gray tones clear.
  • Reduction in size. Android 2.1 has reduced the size of Firefox installed on 60%, from 43 to 17Mb. To see this reduction, you need to uninstall the old version and then the new intalar, losing your current profile, although you can sync with Firefox Sync, which is installed by default (if in doubt, ask in our forum).
  • Multilanguage. This new version comes bundled with 10 languages to choose from on the screen of application preferences.
  • Faster. Both in rendering web pages, such as zoom and movement on the page. Firefox 4 for mobile executes JavaScript much faster than previous versions.
These are the main characteristics of this new version to be improved in future weeks. Such as hardware-accelerated (via OpenGL) to enable HTML5 video playback (OGG and WebM), zoom and enhance the speed of JavaScript.

You can navigate to this page with your mobile device which will offer the possibility to download the appropriate file for your device. Happy mobile browsing!

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