Fedora 14 and OpenBSD 4.8 Available

Just this week launched the latest versions of Fedora and OpenBSD operating systems.

Fedora, for those who do not know, is a general purpose Linux distribution based on RPM that has the support and promotion of Red Hat. Known as the second distribution of GNU/Linux more popular, behind Ubuntu. Other major highlights the latest Spice (which is a new system of access to virtual systems), GNOME 2.32, improved package management and external and aesthetic improvements. The next version of Fedora 15 is called Lovelock

On the other hand OpenBSD, Unix-like free operating system based platform 4.4BSD, in its latest version 4.8, highlights support for suspension/resume ACPI, service improvements OpenBGPD/OpenOSPFD/routing, OpenSSH 5.6, better support for devices and many corrections in most packages.

The discharge of these operating systems can be found on the official website: Fedora 14 and OpenBSD 4.8.

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