What's new in Ubuntu 10.10

Well, 2 things must already know Ubuntu 10.10. The first is that name of new Ubuntu is Maverick Meerkat and the second is coming out on 10 October. But apart from these 2 'new' there are many more I'll go tell the news in general because Ubuntu always of interest to all .... Or not?
  • All current course. kernel 2.6.35-22.33, Gnome 2.31, X.org 7.5
  • Faster startup. Admit it, Ubuntu is the distro that starts fastest of all, or at least that's been my experience. There are prowling the web videos showing how to start in 8 seconds.
  • Support for multitouch through uTouch 1.0
  • Support for new Intel processors Sandy Bridge. According to i5 and i7 say seem a pileup old next to these processors and Linux now supports them
  • In heart of Ubuntu software can now be set directly addons applications like firefox.

  • The default software that fetches: OpenOffice 3.2.1, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9, Empathy for instant messaging, Shotwell to handle photos and video editing PiTiVi
  • Various improvements to Unity, which is the application launcher for Ubuntu netbook.
  • There is a new source for the whole system is open source.
  • Updated themes and change default wallpaper and added some others to change.
  • There is a new installer with some new graphics more than anything, I will see when I make a tutorial of installing Ubuntu 10.10
  • There is a new menu to handle sound

  • Play MP3 from first session. Ubuntu will offer you install Fluendo codecs that let you play mp3, you obviously need to install internet.

Well, that's new in Ubuntu 10.10 ... you think? Good for 6 months, no?

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