Smeegol 1.0 released, OpenSuse to Netbooks

OpenSuse Goblin team has announced the release of the first public release of Smeegol 1.0.

Based interface Meego, Smeegol 1.0 was made by Andrew Wafaa, better known in the world of OpenSuse by FunkyPenguin. (And is working in 1.1

Seeegol 1.0 is aimed at netbooks and comes loaded with useful programs, how the Banshee music player, email client and calendar Evolution, and greater integration of all your favorite social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, etc ...

Meego, as you know, comes from joining Nokia, Intel and effort of a large community of volunteers, under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, and aims to create an operating system adapted to small devices such as Netbooks, basic computer and mobile devices.

Novell is also part of it that forms infractructura Meego.

Fully twinned with OpenSuse, Smeegol can resort OpenSuse ecosystem for their applications can use the Build Service repositories and third-party repositories.

OpenSUSE users can easily install the technology Smeegol openSUSE "One Click Install".

You can also download the iso for 32 and 64 bits from HERE.


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