Firefox 4 is delayed until early 2011

The next version of Firefox, Firefox 4, scheduled for late 2010, is delayed until early 2011. This change has been announced, through the Mozilla discussion group on Google, the director of Firefox, Mike Beltzner, who notes that Firefox 4 will end is taking more work than originally estimated.

"The beta versions have been very helpful in identifying problems of compatibility with existing web content, so it is planned to follow the beta releases until the end of December. Our estimate is that Firefox 4 comes in early 2011," says.

Six Betas have arrived in recent weeks, but the version of Firefox 4 beta 7 is not submitted. One of the big problems has been the integration of the major TraceMonkey javascript engine to run Web-based programs, and new JaegerMonkey engine based on Google V8 engine in Chrome.

Version 4 of the second most popular browser includes several important improvements. Redesigned user interface includes HTML5 format, a hardware accelerator for high-definition video and as anticipated, the function 'multi-touch '.

Need Mozilla Firefox 4 out sooner because the market in recent months.

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