Mozilla includes Bing in the search options of Firefox 4

This morning, I read something that surprised me and soon realized it was not correct information.

He meant that Mozilla had reached an agreement with Bing, the Microsoft search engine, to be your default search engine.

Actually, I missed a lot and then saw that it was just an error of the informant and that it was only included in the box where we choose the form, ie as a more standard option.

The default search engine will be Google.

This addition is planned for the new version of Firefox, the number 4, in this way, users can choose Bing in the pack to put it as your search engine, without any further configuration.

where I saw the news now published, is much the money that Google pays to Mozilla to have a privileged place as a search engine in Firefox, say that is the main income source Mozilla.

But Mozilla, makes clear with this decision, that it does not influence their decisions when choosing the other options.

In this way, search engines that will be included as options in Firefox 4 will be Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia and Yahoo. Creative Commons and Answer, are out for version 4.

According to Mozilla's vice president, Jay Sullivan, Bing has become an option that should be easily accessible to users.

Mozilla includes Bing in the search options of Firefox 4

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