Foobnix, a Media player for Linux

For those who think that in Linux we have few programs, here I bring a media player to add to long list of programs we already have.

This is Foobnix, which has a minimalist interface and with it you can listen to music both locally and online.

It is written in GTK and has a different way of organizing music files, ie music is organized in directories is selected in a tree structure.

The following image shows Foobnix interface, which has playlist on right side and music organizations in tree structure on left.

Another important thing is simple and clean organization of widgets, especially placed in menu bar and control buttons are arranged in a single levels in top of player window.

In addition to online music search, Foobnix also comes with a lot of radio stations built by default (about 3500), support for, lyrics and cover art.

Here are some of features that come in Foobnix:
  • Music organized as a tree.
  • Panel of online music search.
  • Search for song lyrics.
  • Search for album art.
  • Displays information on panel.
  • Integration of tray by clicking tray icon shows user control buttons, including previous and next topic.
  • Hotkeys.
  • Online support for radio.
You can download the packages. Deb and. Tar.gz and follow installation steps that show you page Foobnix.

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