Ailurus 10.06.91 Released

Following report of 55 sentences around same error, the developers have released a major update to correct this problem. Ailurus 10.06.91 version is a recommended update and secure, adding stability to application

5 lightweight audio player for Linux

It is clear that for me player is lighter MOC. And most lightweight graphical interface is MPD + Sonata. But there are options that require some configuration steps to run, however list of applications that will show you below are a thing to install and now all walk out.

All applications are going to show them Ubuntu repositories and can be installed with "sudo apt-get install". And if they use arch can install yaourt.

Of all probe is fastest start. It is programmed in Python and has no dependencies on Gnome so can be used very well in any environment. Is very fast but is still in development phase. And as you say on homepage. There are players that do everything, even coffee, bluemindo plays music, that's all.

Decibel Audio Player
IF you want a player that consumes little to work fast and that also has many extensions to play then this is your browser. The interface is simple and friendly. And Twitter can do things like issues that are listening. support and more things that you should discover.

One of best known. Very light and with many features. Lyrics support, podcast,, covers and more.

The favorite of those who come from mocosoft windows because it is just like winamp. Supports skins. It is based on GTK2. Audacious is very mature and supports many audio formats. Audacious is a fork of BMP which itself was a fork of XMMS known that increasingly losing ground.

In all, most simple, does nothing more than play music and has no other functionality, no cover art, or lyrics, or ... nothing! One just selects items that will reproduce and reproduce. And obviously stands out by its most extreme lightness.

I hope list will be helpful and find what they want. If you want a player full of things that do not use ever read them a story at night and drink plenty of resources on your pc then always have option to use amaroK, Exaile and others.

Eeebuntu reborn as Aurora

Eeebuntu, custom distribution to award-winning family of netbooks from ASUS EeePC last year broke with its roots of Ubuntu, reborn with a new name, a new distribution base and a new orientation.

Building on work being done for never released Eeebuntu 4.0 , Aurora is now based on Debian and GNOME desktop very clean, and supports equally well for desktops and laptops in addition to original EeePC netbooks.

Unlike Ubuntu, Aurora will not release a new version every six months, but its users to send updates such as "Service Pack". Another new one is Jupiter, an exclusive utility for managing hardware and power consumption, which although is mainly targeted at netbooks with Atom CPU, it also works in rest of supported systems.

K3b 2.0 Released

Finally new version fully ported to Qt4 of best CD burning software, DVDs and Blu-Rays for KDE4 desktop today announced significant developments that put him nearly on par in features with its predecessor's award-winning KDE3 desktop but in addition also includes some unique things, such as:
Allow import an arbitrary session to a recording project.
Always allow manual selection of recording speed.
Support files larger than 4 GB with mkisofs 2.01.01a32.
Support for Blu-rays writing with cdrecord.

The way to get K3b 2.0 was longer than many had expected, even in spite of having support of large and Mandriva since last year. Few will doubt now that wait was worth it.
Download: K3b 2.0 (Sources)

Fedora 14: A new concept of Wallpaper

It is created with Blender 3D and it's really original.
Below you catches for wallpaper and sidebar with Fedora 14:


Mandriva 2010.1 "Spring" next 5 July

Mandriva may be going through a time of change, but it's good to know that some things still are well underway. For example, according to this message on mailing list "Cooker" (their version of development), it was announced that the highly anticipated launch of final ISO images of Mandriva 2010.1 "Spring" is planned for next July 5.

On other hand, Mandriva has lost one of its developers Kernel: Terje Pascal, who worked at that company for almost six years, decided at time that rumors about future of Mandriva had reached a new fund, offering to accept a long Google working. Terje will serve as a "reliabilty Site Engineer" in Google offices in London from next September 6. "Other developers will continue exodus?

Opera 10.60 RC1 Released

Not much detail has been published Opera 10.60 RC1, meaning that your chances of becoming final release.

Changelog for Opera 10.60 RC1

  • CORE-30 464 (Canvas 2D context's font attribute crashes browser)
  • DSK-303 163 (Plugin related crash)
  • CORE-30 228 (Crash at
  • DSK-303 725 (Speed Dial search provider Disabling Is Not Remembered)
  • CORE-30 764 (Freeze at
  • CORE-30 034 (Web Storage crash)
  • DSK-302 725 (A Document Server breaks with incorrect MIME Multistyle / font switch-writing system)
Linux / FreeBSD
  • DSK-300 238 (Files with non-ascii characters in path do not open When Opera Is Already Running)
  • DSK-304 037 (Opera does Not run Unix with GTK newest version)
  • DSK-304 033 (Improve default selection of CJK fonts)
  • DSK-197 656 (Middle-click in empty window does go to URL on clipboard)

Using GTK theme for applications in Wine

It is remarkable to see that Wine applications do not integrate in a right way and say that's a lot, for better aesthetics can manually modify parameters under [Control Panel \ \ Colors] in file .wine / user.reg But that would take us some time.

We can simplify this task through a script, which is responsible for taking colors of our apex GTK theme and our user file in Wine, in a much more rapid and effective.

Download script and give it execute permissions.

Students have Python installed and you should close any application under Wine and Wine is running.
  • sudo chmod +x
  • sudo ./
If you change subject and want to integrate further applications under Wine, just run script again.

Note: It seems that script does not work with some applications such as MS Office. If we can not look you want, change values under [Control Panel \ \ Colors] in file ~/.wine/user.reg

What's new in KDE SC 4.5 With videos

Just a month before and two days for SC KDE 4.5 and today I decided to compile some of innovations that will make your entry into this release. While surfing youtube I found several videos that show very good news and share with you. I will not mention all news, and only a few are:

  • New Tray and notification system
Although KDE 4.4 is greatly improved, still often quite intrusive. In KDE 4.5 SC notifications will be less annoying and even look different because they are grouped in tabs:

  • System Configurations
The window in which it carried out system settings have altered since KDE 4.4. If you look at video and then change subject plasma, etc. caba takes differently to KDE 4.4:

  • New KWIN effect: Blur
Perhaps most notable change is fact that this version will have option to enable the Blur. Believe me that when I say that it looks nice, it looks nice. To be able to notice it have to do next video in 720p otherwise not notice:

  • New effect KWIN
I do not know name of this effect but it looks very sharp. Look at new effect to windows:

Well these are just some highlights from KDE SC 4.5. Other news that I come to mind are: new Oxygen icons and new way to organize windows. We are eager to reach final but we'll keep waiting.

The end of life Fedora 11

From day June 25, Fedora 11 has reached end of his life in terms of updates.

As planned, the latest occurred prior to that date, finishing exactly on 24th at 11:00 h UTC.

According to Fedora maintenance program, each version ends when a month has passed since release two versions forward.

In this way, Fedora 12 will be updated within one month following final launch of Fedora 14 Fedora 13 a month to appear fedora 15.

Many things are changing in world of Fedora, as I come from reading in recent weeks.

If a distribution, as some think, more complicated to handle, has become a style distro Ubuntu, completely manageable for novice user.

I do not know if Fedora veteran users will like what they comment on who will replace Fedora to Ubuntu.

For normal, usually reply that Fedora does not have to replace anything that Fedora is Fedora not have to resemble nada.Pero this is comment I read growing at least in my social networks, apart from some other item.

Either way, what is there is no doubt that it is today a distribution completely "usable", even if you come from Windows to Linux for first time.

Overall, I think that users of any Linux distros, we must be proud that they are all improving and that more and more people switch to Linux from other operating systems provinientes


4 Ways to Install Ubuntu without cd or usb

There are many ways to install ubuntu:
  • Installing Ubuntu from a livecd if you have your CD.
  • Install Ubuntu from USB if you have no CD drive.
But if you have no cd or usb? You can be case for old pcs, maybe have broken cd reader and as an old pc does not boot from usb. For these cases we will see four ways to install ubuntu:
  1. Install with unetbooting
  2. Install from windows
  3. Install from another linux installed
  4. Installing from diskettes, from internet
Install with Unetbooting :

Unetbooting is a program that we already know and that just lets you install linux on a pendrive and it also allows hard disk. The program is easy to use and more or less would be as follows:
  • Download Ubuntu.
  • Download Unetbooting.
  • Install and start unetbooting.
  • In program we choose as a source ISO image of Ubuntu
  • We chose as destination drive where you want to install linux and give it to agree to begin installing
  • Then restart PC and you should have it running.

This option is one of easiest. You unetbooting is both Windows and Linux.

Install ubuntu from windows :

We look to another application in this case: wubi. Wubi you do is install Ubuntu like a Windows application and in same partition without having to partition but drive. You just download wubi, install and run. Then it is a matter of a few simple steps uncomplicated.

It is ideal choice for Linux but it is if you do not otherwise.

install linux From another linux :

It may sound strange but it can happen. Maybe someone has a distribution and does not like or are old and want something newer. We will make use of another application: lubi. Lubi is or what wubi linux to windows ... almost.

Lubi if you can install on other partitions if you will. From this I can not give more info because I do not know but on official website there is much info besides download packages, and even links to a video tutorial on how to use it. Click here to go to official website.

Installing Ubuntu from floppy disks and internet :

Sorry, I lied to them can not install Ubuntu from floppy disks. But if you can do another trick to get it.

First clarify that what if it can be installed from floppy disks and Internet is Debian (distro which was based on Ubuntu). And theory is easy, once you install Debian, use Lubi to install Ubuntu, or better yet if they stay in debian and configure it to taste.

Hope that helps someone solve a problem and revive that old pc in which no one knew how to install Linux.

BURG : beautify your Bootloader

In most Linux distros, our bootloader is GRUB, which only shows letters of operating system with which we go up, BURG this change.

BURG is based on GRUB bootloader, with an artistic touch and a great variety of subjects.

To install BURG:

We add your repositories.
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bean123ch/burg
  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install burg burg-themes
Install BURG in your Master Boot Record.
  • sudo burg-install "(hd0)"
Update BURG
  • sudo update-burg
To change themes when you reboot your PC, and this on screen by BURG only have to press the button (T) and then select one you want.






Note: The configuration file BURG : /boot/burg/burg.cfg

Kubuntu 10.04, disabled network manager, Solution

A few days ago I installed Kubuntu 10.04 In my notebook, all went to Wonderland for a few days, until yesterday, no apparent reason after reboot we ran out of Wi-Fi connection, looking at classic network connection icon is read message "network manager disabled" I tried to connect via a network cable and there was no case.

From another pc did research and we found a solution that revived knetworkmanager and gave us much desired tipeamos internet connection at a terminal following:
sudo service network-manager stop
cd /var/lib/NetworkManager/
sudo rm NetworkManager.state
sudo service network-manager sta

Nokia adopt Meego for N series

Nokia has decided that it will include Meego as an operating system on phones in its series N.

Given competition involving Apple's iPhone and handsets based on Android, Google, this is a bold move for Nokia to lower cost price of their phones and increase sales.

Nokia's commitment to Symbian ends with N800, from there will come with Meego.

It is known that version 1.0 supports ARM-based N900, but development APIs to support multitouch, time on web and additional support for QT, are still in progress.

Meego is a open source Linux project, led by Intel and Nokia.

Integrates experience and skills of two significant development ecosystems, versed in communications and computer technology.

Meego project believes that these two pillars form technical foundation for next generation platforms and applications in mobile device space platforms.

Symbian devices will be used in low-end Nokia, as well as Samsung and Sony Ericson.

It is thought that launch of N series Meego will be on this month, but still not confirmed.

Images of concepts of Firefox 4.0 for Linux

The work of redesigning user interface of next Firefox 4.0 has not yet concluded, and even before we had seen progress of your Windows version, now we finally have new proposals are also relevant in version for Linux.

The images posted on Wiki concept to show renewed Mozilla Firefox 4.0 interface, with tab bar visible relocated to a position that reminds me a lot to Chrome, integrated with new issues of GNOME desktop in Ubuntu 10.04, but also a popular addition Clearlooks themes and Equinox.

These changes are almost certainly one of most radical of all history Firefox (as it is distributed by Mozilla) and go to modernize it at very moment that some were already wondering if Chrome ultimately threaten their long reign in Linux.

Mandriva saved by investors

Apparently Mandriva financial ordeal came to an end, if we believe its new CEO who said Arnaud's Prevot ("unofficially?) That:

'Today, the company has found investors who decided to invest in company to return group to find a good balance and economic model. ... The concerns of community and users no longer have reason to be. "

Nothing more is known about who or who may be those angels investors, but also Linagora, which last week even said what his plan to restore to Mandriva, it also follows by referring to English LightApp and now French company specializing Wallix security.

But despite this uncertainty, the new future of Mandriva it would finally secured, as it hastens to clarify Prevot:

"We were aware that existence of Mandriva was threatened, but this is no longer case."

Install Opera 10.6 Beta in Ubuntu

Opera 10.6 is now my default browser, at least until comes out flock 3.0. It's as or faster to load pages that chromium and what I liked most is that it has built-in mail client (thunderbird goodbye and claws), feed reader, irc client and a comprehensive contact manager.

Actually installing Opera
10.6 is very simple but I make this post just to know him and try an alternative. Still in beta and there is an occasional bug but nothing serious nor very noticeable.

to install Opera in Ubuntu what they should do is go to this page 

and click on the button dowload opera. After going to ask that disctro have, obviously choose to Ubuntu and Debian Package to choose to download them one. Deb easy to install. Then if they have downloaded give double click and go.

In Arch is easier because it is in AUR repository. They should only be done

  • yaourt -S opera-beta
main features of this version must be said that has support for HTML5 and geolocation.

Firefox 3.6.4 Released and Firefox for Maemo 1.1 RC1

The Mozilla Foundation has released Firefox 3.6.4 official version, and Firefox for Maemo 1.1 RC1 trial, after several months of testing.

One of features that we appreciate in new version 3.6.4, is that when we are blocked by a plugin, we are not close all open tabs, recharged only page in question..Eso is welcome on especially when you have many windows open as I do and it's really a pain having to close everything, even then you have option to restore session.

Maemo 1.1 RC1 Firefox also has a good list of changes.

These are a few:
  • Redesign of homepage (see screenshot below)
  • Extension of automatic updates.
  • Clicks intelligent support: automatic identification page links and button and zoom range, easy to handle with fingers.
  • N900 support portrait.
  • Context menu support page, enlarge for better readability on mobile phones.
  • You can use volume keys to zoom control in N900 page.
  • Support save as PDF.

VLC 1.1.0 released

Developers most famous multimedia player in world of Open Source (vlc) released version 1.1 of this wonderful Multimedia Player

  • Multimedia Player readiness to support high-definition video, which added feature decoder by GPU on Vista platform and Windows 7 and GNU / Linux. As well as added support for several new encodings such as translation of Blu-Ray and VP8
  • Decoder is faster by 40% in high quality movies.
To download a version of Windows platform, Linux and Mac from here.

Idea for Sync your files in ubuntu one and in dropbox at same time and in one step

Some of us has an account on dropbox, and since appearance of ubuntu one in recent versions of Ubuntu, some people hesitate to adopt this or that
There is a simple idea to upload your files on two sites at same time and without any interference from you

Leave folder to synchronize your files ( to your ubuntu one ) without change, and when you install dropbox Mark name is same as name of folder to your ubuntu one

Flock 3 Beta drops Firefox, switches to Chromium

Flock is an award winning multi-platform browser recognized by integrating services from multiple sites "social" as MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Digg, Flickr, GMail, YouTube and Twitter directly into your user interface. Until its last version 2.6 was based on Firefox, but with announcement of first beta of its next version 3 also revealed that from now on will be based on Chromium, the open source project behind Google Chrome browser.

Can not find any explanation about radical change, but Shawn Hardin, Flock CEO, said in his blog that new version of its browser and is "incredibly fast" and first addition of Chrome, to be built on Chromium project work. Flock 3 Beta also change your default search engine by Google and, not least, should be compatible with most of growing collection of extensions for Chrome.

Flock is another high profile project rather than to leave Chromium Firefox: Previously I had done Jolicloud, the increasingly attractive netbooks optimized distribution based on Debian and Ubuntu. A trend that will continue in future?

How to Install Fedora 13 With Pictures step by step

Name of distribution: Fedora
  • Type of system: GNU / Linux
  • License: open source (free).
  • License Type: GPL in most programs.
  • Technical Support: Free, submitted by community interested in this distribution.
  • Security support Free: 12 +1 month for each version.
  • Download: Free from here.
  • version tested: 13 (released on 05/25/2010)
  • New version: after every six 6 months.
  • The quality of use: suitable for office use.
  • Package Manager: RPM
  • Distribution Mother: descended from one distribution Red Hat.
  • Branching distributions of Fedora: menu here.
  • Desktop interface used: Gnome (Gnome 2.30) and KDE (KDE 4.4)
  • Hardware requirements: Pentium 4 and above; 512MB of memory or more; 10GB of disk space.
New features for version 13 from distribution Fedora:
  • Automatic installation of definitions of printers, and improve quality of color printing thanks to property ( conduct of colors).
  • Minor improvements to level of interface and include program office for conduct of Shotwell images, Pino program to connect through social service, Twitter, in addition to Deja-dup to save backup copies of your files.
  • version of a new Manager of networking (NetworkManager), which carries with it many improvements to facilitate linking process and setup with possibility of interaction with orders issued from command line to facilitate setting for managers of networks and programmers.
  • Improve link with recent versions for iPhone and iPod and sync with music library of program Rhythmbox.
  • Reformulation of conduct of Director user accounts for increase in its characteristics and capabilities.
  • Include definition of new Nouveau nVidia card offer and provide full support for DisplayPort link your screens to include all cards, Intel, ATI and nVidia.
More details here and here.

Installation photos (interface Gnome):

Interface for KDE 4, first stages are same without change. Images:


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