Nominated e-mail messages by using the rules in Evolution

Often we get spam messages from the same e-mail address or carry about the same, so most of the e-mail management programs carry a feature called Rules or the Rules, and can take advantage of this property to purify and classify messages or perform different commands in case the applicable conditions that we have selected to the message.
And today I will explain how to use this feature in the Evolution at the front of Gnome:

1 - Select the message that contains the address that you want

2 - from the list of Message, then Create Rule from the list of sub-Choose one of the following:
- Filter on Subject to filter messages in the title.
- Filter on Sender to filter messages by sender.
- Filter on Recipient to filter messages by recipients.

3 - of the frame apparent conclusion of the program will your options Depending on the message or messages that you selected, all you have to do is to identify the Action that the program does for messages that meet the conditions.

And as shown in the picture, you can choose between many of the various Action, such as message transfer to a specific folder, and a sound when a message arrives from the sender and delete the message ends, and you can also add more than one through the Action button Add Action.

4 - Apply the rule to all messages you have click on the ctrl + A to select all messages from the list and then select Messages Apply Filters.

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