Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ubuntu One also arrives on iPhone and iPad

The team Ubuntu One today announced the launch of the mobile application for iOS devices such as Apple's iPhone and iPad. With the Ubuntu One app, users can access and manage your files, like music and photos stored on the platform Cloud Storage belonging to Canonical. The application supports the operations of upload/download between a device IOS and U1 (Ubuntu One) and also allows you to rename files. Users can also choose to set the application in order to automatically load images in the cloud, taken with their device, every time you launch the app.

The app can run on iPad but has not yet been optimized as a universal application to maximize the screen size available. Ubuntu One can be downloaded from the App Store and requires iOS 4.0 or later; On Android, however, Ubuntu One is available as early as the mid-2011.

The managed file storage and synchronization service is primarily intended for users who use the Ubuntu Linux distribution where Ubuntu One which is included by default with the operating system (however available even with a working version of Windows). The basic service includes of Ubuntu One 5 GB of free storage without the support of streaming, while the service music streaming, Which comes with 20 GB of storage, costs 3.99$ per month or 39.99$ per year, however, are available 30 days trial.
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