Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some things that might improve the next iPad without much problem

Today I want to talk a bit about things that could improve pretty much what would be the next iPad without much trouble and not to shoot production costs thereof.

When we talk about improving a product will come out a lot of ideas but try to keep this list short and realistic. And if that group of people who believe that the iPad is perfect, well take it as my humble opinion, I am one of those people who believe that any product can and should continue to improve to keep up on the competition, so I apologize in advance if you insulted their religion, and so on.

1.- Improved virtual memory device, Most other high-end tablets have 1GB Memory and a tendency to be taken, that I think is something that is obviously going to happen since the rumors suggest will happen in the iPhone 5 so I guess that also happen to the next iPhone.

2.- Improved screen resolution, Apple has always prided itself of having the best display of the mobile industry in tablets and now have one of best graphics processors in tablets (PowerVR I think), then I do not know why they have not made that leap that gave the Motorola Xoom.

3.- MiniUSB port / microHDMI ,I know that people Apple ecosystem maintains very close and now they have as a campaign to eliminate the personal computer, but a port of this type do not fall too bad and could be used for more things without adapters.

Of course and as I said earlier, there are changes that could be more momentous, but would mean something more disruptive. For example improving duration of the battery ,This is something that all companies handset manufacturers, laptops and tablets should improve but apparently is not easy or cheap, but certainly greatly improve the performance of products.

What improvements would you do it?
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