Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mandriva 2011 LXDE Available

Yes, Mandriva 2011 is out and you do not wait for more official editions because they are not, but the community of the star is still active and here is Mandriva 2011 LXDE.

Mandriva 2011 LXDE presents as EduMandriva effort, the educational movement of the community, equivalent Edubuntu or openSUSE Edu Li-fe.

According release announcement ,The main features of Mandriva 2011 LXDE are:
  • 100% free software, but you can add the PLF repository contains codecs and proprietary applications
  • Just a CD
  • Linux 3.0.3 (will be updated to 3.0.4 soon) with support for PATA IDE
  • LibreOffice Writer and Calc, Firefox, Thunderbird, VLC and DeadBeef its main applications
  • No need to write her before using urpmi or urpme
  • Some bugs have been fixed Mandriva 2011
Mandriva 2011 LXDE is currently available only 32-bit architectures and languages Europe ,But we will be adding versions for the other languages and 64-bit architectures. You can download it from project page Google Code or directly from this link:
Let there be news, this is the only "spin" is expected from Mandriva 2011 ,But from the package manager, ie the distribution and running, you can install GNOME 2, Xfce or the same LXDE.
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