Wednesday, September 7, 2011

KDE SC 4.7 is now available for Windows

A few days ago that developers KDE for Windows announced availability of the latest version of the desktop and tools for that platform, so if you are a dependent of a deceased user's section that offers free environment and suffer silently in Windows, or just want to try the experience ...

You have to keep in mind that KDE SC 4.7 for Windows comes loaded with all benefits of the version ,But is not considered ready for production environments. Still, presents the following new features:

  • Support printing on Okular
  • Trial version of KDE PIM 4.6
  • Support for 64-bit executables
  • Support collection and reporting of errors
Installing KDE SC 4.7 is ready for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and install it as easy as download the executable. If you also need some help with the installation process, there is a visual guide and a more comprehensive as resources to follow.

Despite his probationary status, this release is interesting in that version 4.6 of the Windows desktop did not, but the project goes ahead and this is proof.
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