Thursday, September 1, 2011

[How to] Run programs, and DOS games

We run our old MS-DOS games using the program 'dosbox'
For Ubuntu or Debian you can install it from console with the command:
apt-get install dosbox
We can create a specific folder (eg $HOME/dosutils), within which we copy our DOS programs in different subfolders.

Once done run the command 'dosbox' and mount the folder as C: drive with the command:
mount c /home/tunombredeusuario/dosutils
We can automate this on boot dosbox, so it can edit its configuration file $HOME/.dosbox/dosbox-x.xx.conf

This file is divided into different sections, the most interesting are:

fullscreen: Start allows full screen. You can also switch between full screen and window with Alt + Enter

[Autoexec]: under this section are the commands you want to run when you start dosbox, a useful example would be:
mount c /home/tunombredeusuario/dosutils
Ah! If you notice that the game is very slow you can speed up the emulator by pressing CTRL + F12
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