Monday, September 5, 2011

Now you can put the 'global menu' as ever in GNOME Shell

One of the drawbacks that users put to GNOME Shell is the fact that the menu disappears from the global options that were deployed applications, but now we can recover the function in GNOME Shell.

Several developers are working one Gnome Global Menu version for GTK3 ,And indeed alpha versions are already available for download, So I can use it in GNOME Shell.

So far the new menu only works with GTK applications (both GTK2 as GTK3), but for example LibreOffice, Firefox or Qt tools do not work now, and in fact may be a problem with some GTK tools, such as Shutter.

You can find the installation process for GNOME Shell Global Menu, available for example for Arch Linux AUR but is also present for users of Ubuntu and Fedora. The procedure is a bit more cumbersome than usual, But it sure is simplified in later versions of the development.
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