Saturday, September 24, 2011

Computers with Windows 8 may not run Linux (at first)

I would even quote a passage, which is most relevant to what I tell you today.
(...) EFI will verify the signature of the PC components. If there is any virus compomente as a memory USB or MicroSD, Windows 8 will not boot, protecting the user from threats.
Now I propose a little exercise. And in case you want to boot the computer using a charger is not signed, as is the current GRUB2? I'm not the first thing it asks, and someone showed up here put it. Indeed, the machine will not boot. The new method of starting Windows, which debuted in Windows 8, can be a double edged sword. And even Microsoft further benefit.

By not allowing startups 'unofficial' Microsoft may be prohibited, covert or indirectly, the entrance to the different distributions of Linux on computers that come preinstalled with Windows 8. Because, although we have plenty of boot managers, none of them is signed and, therefore, none of the firmware that have the UEFI equipment that will come with Windows 8 allow execution.

Although I would take some of conspiranoia off the matter: progress was necessary for Microsoft and Windows and, in fact, major internal changes of the new operating system from Redmond (pass BIOS to EFI is a real step forward). And I sincerely doubt you have done to get rid of non-threat that Linux distributions are. Remains to be seen if the manufacturers, which are those that ultimately execute the operating system in question, given the option to use BIOS or use another boot loader even without being digitally signed.

Just remains to be seen which is the step that, given the huge developer community that exists, is given to facilitate the installation of any Linux distribution in this type of machine. For sure it will eventually find a way to do it, but go through some kind of jailbreak.
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