Sunday, August 28, 2011

From KDE 4 to GNOME 2 in 3 minutes

I recently had to the answer is Xfce. The answer to those so Agustito in GNOME 2 and do not want experiments or the performance of your PC will suffer the least, but surely there are many other powerful teams that want to stick with the old classic GNOME scheme without sacrificing the power of a desktop first. For all of them obviously is KDE.

Configuring the Plasma interface for quasi Trace the GNOME 2 is a very simple task, and although not everything is exactly the same, the possibilities are much more powerful thanks to the famous plasmoids.

Taking the example of the header image, belonging to GNOME 2 default Debian LennyI recorded a video of my KDE desktop with creating that same configuration (or closest). The only thing I have not managed to recreate the main menu, but the result meets the same, takes up less space and is more likely.

From KDE 4 to GNOME 2 in 3 minutes

You see, the video does not reflect any feat is all very easy to do and earns a truly comprehensive "Places" to the Quick Access plasmoid and tools almost unnecessary system using a "shelf".

Then it is giving the personal touch you want each and you can get some atrocity (I'm sure that with more than five minutes of interest may be much better

Well, stay there as a curiosity. The next article in this series will be from KDE 4 to GNOME 3…But I can say yet what will it take or will be achieved so easily. We'll see.
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