Sunday, August 28, 2011

5 reasons to wait Mandriva 2011

Lack exactly one week to see the light Mandriva 2011 ,And although there contentious issuesIt is clear that the good feelings outweigh the murky: it is a special case. As such, we will make a brief review of all you have to offer the new version of a GNU/Linux is ready to reclaim the site for quite lost.

But today we are not here to deny the past, but to face the future with the best face possible, know the 5 reasons to wait for Mandriva 2011:

1. The new

The first reason is obvious and inherent in any major release in the panorama of GNU/Linux, especially if we talk about the most famous: arouse interest developments. Furthermore, it is reasonable to think that Mandriva, as we say, has earned a special interest in everything that has happened in recent times and all it promises to those who come.

2. Resurrection

No, The distribution and the project have never been dead, but not that rebosasen vitality of late, quite the opposite.

This point follows the previous one, is that Mandriva 2011 will be a whole test for the health of project company. Most notably its users are eager to see if it meets all the promises, and surely even those who feel they are not interested to see if the new version glows or blurs.

In fact, there are many voices that predict or around all large or the final collapse ,But I dare not come forward will be neither one nor the other.

3. The desktop ROSA

You can not understand everything that is going to be Mandriva 2011 without knowing ROSA Lab ,The Russian team of developers has joined Mandriva company in the construction of this new version to give the facelift largest ever seen in years distribution.

But the touch is not left alone ROSA in appearance, their reach, or additions to make a come- Desktop Experience Stackfolder with additions like the new application launcher (with Nepomuk integration included) or Mandriva 2Safe/ROSA Sync, the new service Synchronization and file storage in the cloud for users of exclusive distribution.

4. KDE

The jump KDE desktop environment unique in Mandriva 2011 is a statement of intent (come on, that promised to be "the best KDE distro in the world!"). This movement is derived from the previous point, and although you can install other desktops via the software manager (GNOME 2.32, Xfce 4.80 and LXDE), there will be no official version for desktop specific installation, only to offer the community , which are now working to launch a LXDE edition.

In short, the total commitment is KDE, the desktop version and enjoyed by those who embark on Mandriva 2011 will SC KDE 4.6.5.

5. Frontier technologies and new developments

If Fedora has a well deserved reputation for pioneering distribution, Mandriva 2011 is not doing much behind as you might think. True, it is conservative on many issues, such as the kernel and desktop versions, but ventures into some of the latest versions of Systemd, RPM 5... Not to mention some of its innovations in the form of tools, however, it appears that almost none will be on time for the coming-of Mandriva 2011. We talked about his new package manager, users, etc., which can try installing them separately.

Time extended support

The extra point is not officially confirmed, but the developers of the distribution are working to launch a version of Extended Support, the style of the Ubuntu LTS ,Towards the end of the year. It would not be surprising that it is the same for Mandriva 2011 which will extend the support, so it's something to consider.

If you want more information you can go through the last special items that we have dedicated to the distribution, being seductive promise ,For that Elementary, dear user, Or what was the last step towards the final. They serve as an approach, but beware Mandriva is much more in 2011 than we have told so far ,And recounted some of the things already have changed, so that they actually have to wait to Mandriva 2011 to expand, to reaffirm or withdraw everything we said about it.

Will from next Monday 29 August when we celebrate the launch, testing the finished product and consider the system as you play. Until then, it has to wait. It is difficult to tell whether the final quality of Mandriva 2011 will be required to match, but you can not deny is that its developers have not tried until the very end of its development cycle.
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