Friday, July 1, 2011

RIPLinux 13.5

Available for download version 13.5 of RIPLinux, A CD or USB boot that allows us to recover, making backups, restart and maintain.

RIPLinux come with lots of tools, amongst which are:
  • Programs fetchmail, curl, wget, ssh/sshd, mutt, links, msmtp, tmsnc, slrn, lftp, epic and Firedox support SSL
  • Package Includes cdrwtool, mkudffs and pktsetup to allow writing on optical media.
  • fsck.reiserfs and ’ fsck.reiser4 to check and repair filesystem reiserfs and reiser4.
  • xfs_repair to repair a Linux file system xfs.
  • jfs_fsck to check and repair a Linux file system jfs.
  • e2fsck to check and repair a Linux file system ext2 or ext3.
  • ntfsresize for Windows NTFS redimensinar without loss of data.
  • ntfs-3g to write to Windows NTFS.
  • chntpw See information and user passwords on Windows systems.
  • CmosPwd to retrieve password from CMOS/BIOS.

In short, a very good and complete tool to have always near.

You can download an iso of RIP Linux 13.4 from here
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