Thursday, July 7, 2011

Move2Picasa: backup your Facebook photos to Picasa

With the launch of Google's social network (Google Plus) have changed the game completely. Google services have been further improved so that, finally, we completed certain migrate for social networks.

Regrettably not official (And I doubt if it happens Google, Facebook allows), but the beginning. With Move2Picasa, An online service, we will be able to move all our photos stored on Facebook to Picasa (or Google Photos as will be called).

The beauty of doing this is that in addition to easily share your images on Google Plus, we have supported in the Google services. I'm not belittling Facebook, but out of conviction and experience, I prefer to commit more.

The way to migrate from one service to another is automatic and easy. If we turn to Move2Picasa Web let's see what we are asked to log in with Facebook, after this we give the necessary permissions, to now, Picasa and start copying through every picture we have in Facebook.

Link: Move2Picasa
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