Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to update your Facebook status from Google+ without using an extension

There are plenty of tools to use Google+ and make it out of him too. Now we show an extension that takes the contents of Facebook and put into Google+ for you to review all in one place. They also show how to export your Facebook friends to G+.

Now I'll show you how you can update your Facebook status while in Google+ and you will not need to install anything. The first thing to do is go to: and then look for a box that says "Load-mail." There you will see an address e-mail you should copy and save and use to this process.

This mail is unique for each user, so you can only use it to update your account. Then go to and creates a new circle. To do this look at the bottom where all the circles that you have on the left lets you create a new one. Put the name "Facebook" when you exit the new window. There also press "Add a new person" and type in the mail we collect on the top.

After hitting the mail press ENTER to add it and give it a name, I asked a mandatory basis. Save the information and go to write an update in the main part of G+. Click on "Your circles" and choose the one you have created Facebook.

Write what you want and send. You say that this contact is not in Google+, say that you understand and continue to share. For me it worked perfectly and was very quick. He immediately went to Facebook and he had the state had set.

The only bad thing is that, unfortunately, only type 50 characters in the state but this is the fault of Facebook just take what the subject of the mail has to update the status. Mal Facebook.
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