Thursday, July 14, 2011

The fMobi app is updated to version 1.1!

This is done in Qt app for Facebook that we think is the best there is at present and its creator @jkosonen the constantly being updated and the newest version 1.1.0 which includes as new features:
  • Friends Filter
  • The toolbar * flickable when it goes over the edge
  • Security Update for establishing controls for new notifications/messages/friend requests/invitations to events
  • Confirm attendance to events
  • Notifications BirthdayCheck/Facebook places
  • Number of notifications from the main menu of things (messages, events, notifications, friend requests)
  • Largest source
  • User Interface * Fixed
In versions prior to app already had the following characteristics:
  • Newsfeed
  • Chat
  • Profile
  • messages
  • My best friends, quick navigation
  • Pages that were given to "like"
  • User Information
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Commenting/Gustar
  • View comments/likes
  • Albums/Photos
  • Notifications
  • Horizontal/Vertical
  • Topic Black/White
You can download the app for Symbian ^ 3 version 1.1.0 beta from HERE and remember please comment, if you find errors and ideas for further improvements, remember that the application is still beta!

Coming in Maemo and MeeGo

The developer said via twitter that future versions will add sound notifications! For now dnjoy and comment!

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