Saturday, July 9, 2011

How to export Facebook events to Google Calendar

Facebook events are one of the few things I like about this social network. With them I find everything that is happening in my city, which possibly would not have it any other way because I do not read the newspaper, do not watch television nor listen to regional radio. So I can only the Internet to see what is happening.

As a happy user of Google would prefer to have everything in Google Calendar to notify me through my computer, mail from Gmail and even in the my Android phone calendar that synchronizes always. The less into Facebook, the better for me.

We can do this very easily with an extension called Chrome Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar ,That it does is add a link to a Facebook event side that says "Add to Calendar" ,And export date, event name, location and everything about this to your Google Calendar account.

The picture above shows where the link and you'll see in any event that will visit from Chrome. It is too simple to use and then if you want to edit something from Google Calendar you can do to remove or add something.

Install Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar.
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