Sunday, July 17, 2011

Create a user name for Google+ with Toplus

As you know, Google+ URL's for each user profile are horrible: a series of huge numbers extremely long and no one would learn. The truth is I do not know why this is so, but for now we just save a link to the not to miss while being easier to obtain.

I commented that this can be fixed using, A service that allows you to get a user name to translate the URL to something much simpler with your personal name or nickname you use on the Internet.

Now has come another service that does the same and is called Toplus. To use one must choose a username and find the number of our profile. To find out just look at the series of numbers to then address and ready. The picture above shows where you can find it.

From here you create a new address you can put any other browser and get to your Google+ profile. Make it clear that people Google has said that we should not use these services because it is a feature that will soon become the new social network is only a matter of patience, but if you do not have it, Toplus is another option you can use.

Visit Toplus
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