Monday, July 4, 2011

Android: Voice to text as the input method

Well, it 's not to much will happen because they will have another version of Android, and mobile or who knows. Anyway, I recently acquired a new mobile with Android and one of my problems is I have some "dedacos" like sausages, so typing messages using the keyboard that appears by default I am a "sick" complicated. I saw some videos on the possibility of using the keyboard, a microphone icon, so to use it, then activates the voice recorder, record the message text you want to use and the engine automatically turns your voice into text . What is very comfortable to quickly make a note, SMS or text chat without typing word for word go.

At the end achieve my purpose, and as a certain person asked me what steps had to give, in the end I said, Wow! because as I write I have a blog that you might use more people. So here goes:

1) First is to have installed the voice search for Google, it usually comes already installed on all phones, but is not the case, there is no major problem, are going to Android market and you download "Google Voice Search" (or similar), install and go.
To verify that it works for you, use the map application for example, and next to the text box where you indicate the places, you should see an icon of a microphone. If you click on it, then leave you to dictate the place with your own voice and translates it to text you.

2) Now the issue is to change the keyboard to use, to use a keyboard to give you the ability to dictate text by voice. I used the following: Keyboard from Gingerbread it is for Android version 2.3 or higher. The keyboard even more than I like the default keyboard, has some dark colors, and buttons a bit larger for easy text entry, a matter of proving it.

Well, download it, install it and now select "Settings" from your mobile to be the default keyboard. To do this go to Settings> Language and Keyboard and select the new entry should appear: Gingerbread Keyboard

Good and needed less, but the important point is that you can "despair" because when you try to get a new text, say, Wow! but still appears above the keyboard. I do not see the new keyboard. Okay, easy. You have to go to a browser, application notes, chat or similar where a box appears that is the input you use to put text. If you tip the box shows the keyboard, you have to do is keep clicking on the text box and then a little menu appears. In this pop-up menu and allows you to select the keyboard you want to use in this menu use "Gingerbread" and ready. Automatically and the new keyboard should Apparate.

3) You can then use the microphone icon appears at the bottom and activate the recorder will record your voice to later convert automatically to text of unexpected long lost typing.
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