Tuesday, July 19, 2011

15 keyboard shortcuts that will improve your productivity in Ubuntu

  1. Alt+Ctrl+Arrow Up/Down/Left/Right: Allows you to move between work areas
  2. Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down/Left/Right: Moves the active window to another workspace.
  3. Alt+Shift+Up Arrow: Displays all open windows in all workspaces.
  4. Alt+F7: Enables the option to move the active window using the arrow keys.
  5. Alt+F8: Resize the active window using the arrow keys.
  6. Ctrl+Alt+L: Locks the screen.
Within Nautilus
  1. Shift+Ctrl+N: Create a new folder.
  2. Alt+Enter: Displays the properties of the folder or file.
  3. Ctrl+W– Close the active window of Nautilus.
  4. Ctrl+T: Open a new tab.
  5. Alt+Up: Move to folder.
  6. Alt+Left/Right: Move Forward/Back.
  7. Alt+Home: Move directly to the user's folder.
  8. F9: Show/Hide Sidebar.
  9. Ctrl+H: Show/hide hidden files and folders.
There are many more, we can even create shortcuts yourself, but these are the ones I most out bag.
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