Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to recover GRUB after Install windows

This is the situation for example, have decided installing ubuntu with windows, Already had windows and install ubuntu then. At the time, they must reinstall windows because as always full of viruses and/or was slow. When you reinstalled windows suddenly turning on the pc and can not choose which operating system to start, are "forced" to always start windows. There are 3 possible solutions to this:

Option 1: Recover grub using a linux livecd

Option 2: Recover grub using Super Grub2 Disk

Super Grub2 is a program that runs like a linux livecd only has several features related to the grub. I will explain how Recover grub with this program.

1 - Download the ISO of Super Grub2 Disk from here.

2 - Burn the ISO into a CD and boot the pc from that cd

3 - Choose the option to Detect Any OS

That will show us a list of operating systems you have installed something like this:

There should be chosen with the arrows on the linux distro that wants to start and give enter. What we will do this is to start this distro and from there we will recover the grub.

4 - Once you have loaded the distro open a console and type:
sudo grub-install –recheck /dev/sda
And then
sudo update-grub
5 - Restart the pc without the super grub2 disk cd set. And you will see that his start this as it was before installing hasefroch windows.

Option 3: Using single drive to Ubuntu or another distro

Stop having bad blood and use the disc only for a linux distro. Can installing ubuntu, installing fedora, Mint or any of many other good distros.
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