Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reactivate the key "Delete" to delete files and folders in GNOME 3

Many of the changes in functionality in new versions of software are often entirely intentional, with the premise that "is best", but later have to go back by popular demand. It is difficult to ensure that this is the case of GNOME 3, but we will reactivate the function key (Delete) for deleting files and folders.

You have to follow four simple steps:

The first is to install "dconf-editor" (Without the quotes) in the event that you have not already installed and run, either by console or by the application launcher (Alt+F2).

Then you have to scroll down to "org > gnome > desktop > interface" And tick "can-change-accels". As we see in the image:

Next open Nautilus and select any folder or file, enter the Edit menu and move the pointer on the option Move to Trash. Then press the key "Delete" ,Which should receive the same menu (and more noteworthy is activated with a push of the same):

We tried to delete a folder or file. If all goes well, we return to "dconf-editor" (no need to close it at first) and uncheck the box marked previously.

If when trying to open "dconf-editor" Get a segmentation violation (In my test has not passed), would play the following file edit ...:
And change ... "<description />"With"<description></description>"(Without the quotes).
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