Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to download torrents from the web, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (not Jailbreak)

I think none of those who use an Apple wireless device is approved we expect to download an official application Torrents ,Would be an incredible mess on the first day, and however it is considered legal (in some countries), I doubt that a company "closed" dares deal with such demands as a violation of law or ease of piracy. This is what companies always claim.

Well, for those who are addicted to .Torrent and we have an IOS-based device, there is a simple alternative P2P access to content and best of all, no need to do Jailbreak or modify the operating system of our team. If you agree (yeah sure), I leave the next step, very simple indeed.


1. The first thing to do is create an account free torrific.com. The Recommended is to place a valid email address as we will need confirming the registration.

2. If it we got the account activation, now we can only find the .Torrent we want to download (Mininova, Thepiratebay or Eztv which are more known) and copy the URL for the torrent. Now that we have copied the address, we will direct to torrific.com Web ,But before proceeding we download Filer for iOS (iTunes link), An application that will allow us to begin the download, since Safari mobile does not. It has a paid version available but the Lite version is enough. 

3. To access to torrific we confirm that we, and should have mail in your inbox. Open Filer from our device and we went to the website torrifi.com, and in the main page going to paste the URL of the torrent we want to download in the search box and press the "Get". After validate information, we will see a button above to begin downloading the file .torrent. 

4. If all goes well, you should already have the. Torrent being downloaded.

Note: as you may have noticed, Torrific also works from the computer, a good alternative if clients want to use torrents.
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