Saturday, May 21, 2011

GRUB 1.99: free path to Btrfs

Maybe some you have already used in some of your Linux installation of Btrfs file system, In which MeeGo- just leave your Version 1.2- Is the default in other distributions but was still almost regarded as an experimental alternative.

In fact, you could use Btrfs for your file systems, but always with a limitation: boot partition should be created independently and I had to use a file system "conventional" as ext3 or ext4 ,So that everything is as it should go. Such discomfort is likely to have caused many users do not create partitions/boot apart, ended up using ext4 on everything.

But the support is growing Btrfs. Both by the kernel -in the Linux kernel 2.6.39 that was recently there have been some significant improvements- As by other components, such as by the boot loader GRUB.

In fact, in the newly released GRUB 1.99 find full support for both systems start Btrfs partitions and from ZFS partition (Much less exploited in Linux). As indicated in The H Open ,That will allow you to install complete systems with the Linux file system, but also there have been changes and improvements in the GRUB Script scripting language, which now allows use for and while loops as well as using logical operators.

You can find more details about the news in Mailing List ,And now you can update your packages to migrate partitions Btrfs. I suppose the distributions start using the new version of GRUB in the next batch, so until that moment I installed a distro completely Btrfs partitions will be somewhat laborious.
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