Monday, May 23, 2011

Bluetooth and ath9k in Natty

If you installed Ubuntu Natty, and you have a bluetooth adapter and a Atheros wifi card, you'll be having a couple of annoying bugs.

In the case of Bluetooth, there appears to be a problem with the Bluetooth stack that makes it impossible to use any adapter, it always appears as disconnected or down. The solution is simple, restarting the bluetooth service through:
sudo service bluetooth restart
With that problem should disappear, to make the change permanent you can edit the file "/etc/rc.local" add the following line to the end:
service bluetooth restart
For Atheros card, there is a kernel panic when using them, to fix can be installed pre-release version of the kernel. Can be found at the following repository

This also solves the previous problem with the Bluetooth, so it would be necessary steps before commenting.

A third option, if you can "afford" it would be expected to occur the kernel update that fixes the problem.

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