Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4 sites to make international phone calls free or very cheap

In our days where conversations do audio, video or text to anywhere in the world through the internet we find it a bit absurd that international telephone calls are still so expensive, but this is partly due to the interconnection fees that some governments or companies charge, but the good news is that there are sites that allow you free call some countries and not others free but very cheap, here I'll show you a list of 4 sites that have collected Here.


Evaphone is a site that we had recommended and works very well, offers free calls to many countries, including Mexico, where you have a limit of 2 free calls per day, free calls you to listen to an ad for a few seconds before connecting the call after you finish those two free calls per day and want to keep calling with a very cheap per minute rates.

Link to site Evaphone.


Jaxtr uses its own local access numbers to connect people in different countries. That's how it works - First you write your phone number and that of your friend, then the site will show you a local number of Jaxtr which you dial, then an automated attendant answers you where you enter the phone number of your friend. Thus international calls at local phone rates, also has mobile application how: iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Link to site Jaxtr.


iCall in iPhone application and we've tested, but also has a Web version and a desktop version, iCall lets you make free calls from 3 minutes to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Link to site iCall.


This is a service that works only for people living in the United States or have a phone number with local number in USA, This is very useful to families who live there who want to call their home countries, the service offers unlimited long distance or international 5 minutes to over 50 countries by checking only a local access number.

Link to site Freephone2phone.

As you can see not all Skype to make calls over the Internet, there are always cheaper options but less known.
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