Friday, April 22, 2011

Nothing of GIMP 2.8 until November (minimum)

Martin Nordholts, software engineer at Sony Ericsson, is the leading developer of GIMP, The picture editor who recently version 2.7.2 released, Has some news about the forecast of the expected appearance of GIMP 2.8, a development that has long been in the limelight and that theoretically would appear in December 2010.

But that did not happen ,And many people wonder what is happening with the development. We fear that the essential reason is that there is much to do and few people to do it, so obviously the thing is getting longer than we would like.

Martin explains in his blog they just wanted to try to offer a Approximate planning the release of GIMP 2.8, And this has made use of, service allows you to create project schedules and now is the method that lets us know roughly when will GIMP 2.8.

And according to that graph by Martin, GIMP 2.8 will be completed by 25 November 2011, And so taking into account the whole process goes as expected. There are a few failures and included in such planning with their respective size and importance, so if you are programmers and want to contribute to the development of GIMP, the project certainly is not bad, and your CV either
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