Friday, April 15, 2011

Nmap, scans your computer ports

Nmap is a security tool used, among other things, show open ports of a team. It is also possible to "request" Nmap to show us additional information on each port as well as the operating system itself.

As Nmap is included in the Ubuntu repositories, so installation is simple:
sudo apt-get install nmap
Once installed, you can do the most basic test:

As you can see, on my computer I have 3 ports open: the 139 and 445 belong to NetBIOS (network sharing folders/files, because I have a shared folder), and 631 corresponds to IPP (Internet Printing Protocol or Service print.) If you want to make a more complete test, you can use option -sV in the command line. With this option you get, as well as open ports, version of the service associated with each port:

It is possible to conduct even more detailed evidence, which show open ports, service versions, operating system version, etc. with the following command line:
nmap -A --osscan-guess
-A > Detecting Operating system ,versions of services ...

-- Osscan-guess > Operating system detection "aggressive".

Finally, if you find yourself comfortable using the terminal, the option to install a GUI for Nmap called Zenmap ,Also included in the Ubuntu repositories:
sudo apt-get install zenmap
Be installed as Applications - Internet - Zenmap. Here is a screenshot of Zenmap equivalent to the second test we saw in this post:

Then I leave the link to the Nmap website showing all available options. I hope that helps you:

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