Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to Install Wine and configure it to the maximum

here I leave the info on how to install wine, and set the maximum, I tested the latest games on the market and work well, more fluid than in their own win2

Eliminate the one you already have
-sudo apt-get autoremove wine --purge
$ cd
$ rm -rf .wine
to delete the folder. wine and all its contents in my home directory.
As I mentioned before (I is that I delete all wine and everything installed to make a clean install from scratch), if you want to delete wine, usually just update the repository with:
$ sudo apt-get update
and install the update or new version of wine with:
$ sudo aptitude install wine
would add repositories:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa (Karmic)
and then you'd install wine with:
$ sudo apt-get update && aptitude install wine
Open up a terminal and typing
$ cd
$ cd .wine
$ wget wget
I give permission for execution:
$ chmod +x ./winetricks
- The libraries DirectX 9 (required to play many games):
$ ./winetricks d3dx9
$ ./winetricks droid
$ ./winetricks physx
$ ./winetricks allfonts
$ ./winetricks allcodecs
$ ./winetricks winxp
$ ./winetricks sound=alsa
$ ./winetricks volnum
$ ./winetricks glsl-disable
Libraries installed of Visual C 2008 (required by some games):
$ ./winetricks vcrun2008
And also the libraries dcom (if you have the license for Windows 98):
$ ./winetricks dcom98
I can also install the framework NET 2.0 (requires license):
$ ./winetricks dotnet20
./winetricks d3dx9 droid winxp sound=alsa volnum vcrun2008 dotnet20 ie6 corefonts
Now, that certain games do not work such as "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? that make intensive use of 3D Need to add a certain windows registry keys.
To add registry keys (I would just like in Windows) running:
  • $ wine regedit
open the registry editor and you can change passwords or add new ones. The keys to add in my case (I have a Nvidia card) for the Direct3D key are:
“VideoDescription”=”NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT”

Note: these entries by editing your card type and values, in principle what is in bold may vary in your case, the other entries are maintained.

these registry keys are based on the game "Modern Warfare 2? and work well for most games, but sometimes it is necessary to change any other key or make additional steps in these cases, it is best to consult the headquarters of wine: Wine HQ has a search engine in the upper right side, where You can put the name of an application or game you want to emulate with wine and if you already said this or not supported, the level of "success" in its execution: gold is very good, silver is good, bronze is mediocre and garbage is not worth even try.

Happy gaming!
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