Thursday, April 7, 2011

GNOME 3.0 has arrived: a new era?

The developers of the GNOME project launched GNOME 3 (Or rather, GNOME 3.0), The new and "revolutionary" version of the GNOME desktop environment which will probably have to get used, and that fewer will use the classic distributions GNOME 2.x series

The evolution of GNOME 3 is well known ,But that does not detract from a release that will allow us to have a totally different paradigm of desktop in which the interaction with all the elements -thanks to the 'magic' of GNOME Shell- is quite different from what we know so far.

Now you can try one of the available versions as had occurred a few weeks ago overlap with openSUSE and Fedora. You can find a CD or USB image of these systems in official download section of GNOME Project, and of course you can compiled the desktop environment with the now famous jhbuild.
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