Saturday, April 16, 2011

Enable/disable services at the start of Ubuntu

In most Linux users like us optimization, the system works best by consuming only the bare minimum. But Linux will not make all the work alone, we must help. This time we will help disabling unnecessary services.

For example: Bluethoot, mysql, hplip, ssh. These things do not always use, therefore would not be better to have disabled? Use only when the need?

Well, one way enable or disable these things the team would start changing the permissions of the files in init.d, There are also graphical tools such as Bum to help us do the same.

But today I am presenting is called sysv-rc-conf and bum does the same thing, but it shows all services that start with linux (unlike Bum not all shown).

To install sysv-rc-conf simply do a:
sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf
And run with:
sudo sysv-rc-conf
The program looks like this:

  • Each line represents a service.
  • Each column represents a runlevel (system state: established, in use, stopped, reset ...)
  • The normal working runlevel in Ubuntu is 2.
  • Use CTRL+N to move to the next page of services and CTRL+P to go to the previous page.
  • Use the arrows to scroll.
  • Use the space bar to check or uncheck a box.
  • Press Q to exit.
  • In general to disable a service at the beginning, you have to uncheck the boxes in columns 2 and 5 for the service. To re-enable it, check these boxes again.
  • For a humanly comprehensible description of services, see the following link :
Well I hope they serve and to optimize the boot of Ubuntu/Linux, is one of the ways to achieve Ubuntu faster.
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