Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tip: Disable the Global Menu (AppMenu) in Natty Narwhal

And started talking about the Ubuntu version is released later this month: Natty Narwhal. We must start by saying that the news brings are many. Some changes like more than others, so that items likely to need correcting, removing them, improving them ... Anyway.

And we start with the first change. Now the applications and folders menu on the top panel is:

This option, called Appmenu, can be removed easily. Just open a terminal and type:
sudo mv / usr/lib/indicators/5/libappmenu.so / usr/lib/indicators/5/libappmenu.so.old
And ready. Everything back to normal. If you want to return to normal, writes:
sudo mv /usr/lib/indicators/5/libappmenu.so.old /usr/lib/indicators/5/libappmenu.so
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